Find the Perfect Erasmus Housing for You in Budapest


You’ve been accepted into an Erasmus program. It’s in Budapest! What now? As you prepare to move to a new city, to a new country, a thousand different things must be flying through your head. There’s plenty to think about, plenty to prepare for, plenty to worry about. One thing that you don’t need to spend too much time figuring out, however, is where to stay. While there are plenty of options for Erasmus housing in Budapest, there are some unique spots that truly stand out, as we’ll see. 

Hungarian Universities: More than Meets the Eye

And if you’ve not yet decided on whether or not Budapest would be a good place for you to continue your university studies abroad, you should definitely give the Hungarian capital a second look. For, while you may not have heard of all of them, Budapest is home to some world-class universities that offer top-notch instruction in a variety of fields. With students from all over the globe, they are great fits for an Erasmus student.

From Medicine to Law, From Music to Linguistics

For aspiring doctors, Semmelweis University offers training in a variety of medical fields—its teaching hospitals are among the best in the country. Similarly, for engineers, economists, physicists, and more, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is the oldest Institute of Technology in the world, and certainly one of the best in the region. Home to students from dozens of countries all around the world, BME has also produced famous scientists and Nobel laureates such as Eugene Wegner, Paul Erdős, and Leó Szilárd. Beyond medicine and engineering, the universities of ELTE and Corvinus both offer great training in fields ranging from history to philosophy, and from anthropology to Arabic. 

The Dean’s: Unique Erasmus Housing

Once you find a university that’s a good fit for you, it’s time to find Erasmus university housing. Fortunately, this is a much easier task than picking a university for your studies. As far as apartments go, while you could find Erasmus accommodation at a university’s dormitory, you do have other, better, options as well. And while Budapest does have a myriad of housing options, only one is truly designed to best accommodate the needs of international students on the hunt for the very best Erasmus university housing experience: Dean’s, which works as a student hotel in Budapest. 
At Dean’s, you can have the best of both worlds: a great student community, together with Budapest Erasmus accommodations that blow dorms out of the water. While at Dean’s you’ll have access to all of the amenities that our Erasmus housing has to offer. From an in-house gym to a roof-top terrace, from billiard tables to bicycle storage, we offer services that will cover all of your needs. Going far beyond the standard private dormitory, our accommodations feature air-conditioning, free wi-fi, monthly cleaning, access to study lounges, and much more. At Dean’s, you can enjoy all the upsides of the Erasmus student experience, while still living in convenience and comfort. 

Make New Friends, Forge New Memories during Erasmus housing

With students from all over the world, in Budapest both for Erasmus and for longer-term studies, Dean’s is home to people who are sure to become your friends and fellow-adventurers during your time in Budapest. Located near both major tram and metro lines, as well as much of the city centre, living at Dean’s means you’ll never be far from where the fun is. 
On top of being a home for university students from all over Europe, and all over the world for that matter, Dean’s also plays host to interesting travelers from all corners of the globe. The “hotel” half of our accomodation is designed for adventurous visitors—travelers, not tourists. Whether they are here for business or pleasure, our guests want to see a side of Budapest beyond what they’d find in a standard tour book—and, of course, they want to make new friends along the way.

Safety and Security

Dean’s isn’t just a great Erasmus housing opportunity for students: it’s a calming, secure investment for parents, too. With 24/7 services and security, and a top-notch, professional staff, Dean’s is committed to providing a fun, safe environment for university students from around the world as they learn the ropes of Budapest. With a round-the-clock front desk service, as well as additional night security, you can rest easy with Dean’s. 

Explore Budapest!

In addition to being the home of great Erasmus housing, Budapest also has a number of programs and organizations devoted to helping international students make the most of their time in the Hungarian capital. These include Erasmus Life Budapest, a group formed in 2016 by Hungarian Erasmus alumni to “to give all the incoming international students just as much of a cool experience in Budapest as the one we had in Lisbon.” 
To that end, Erasmus Life hosts events, helps students find flatmates, and has partnerships with restaurants, bars, and organizations throughout the city. In addition, Erasmus Life has created the “Erasmus Card,” which provides discounts on all Erasmus Life parties, events, and trips. It also guarantees free entrance and drink discounts at a number of clubs around Budapest, as well as discounts at partners such as restaurants, hair-dressers, car rental services, and more. 
To be clear, there are plenty of other groups in Budapest geared toward Erasmus students, such as English-language cultural events through CEU, McDaniel, and other universities, as well as fun, funky events such as Budapest Open-Mic nights. And, of course, don’t figure about Budapest’s cultural life. Armed with a Hungarian student ID, you’ll have free or discounted access to the Fine Arts Museum, the National Gallery, the Opera, theaters, the Holocaust Memorial Center, and much more. 
If you need further help in finding your feet once you’re all set up in the Hungarian capital, there are also a variety of Facebook groups, university groups, and sport clubs that are all geared toward Budapest’s international residents and visitors.

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