Genius study hacks in the exam period at your student accommodation!


So here you are, eyeballs deep in textbooks, highlighters dried out, and a looming exam that’s causing way too much stress - we've all been there! And, if your student accommodation walls could talk, they'd probably be sharing some sighs with you. But, what if we told you, the keys to unlock that A+ are actually right where you are? Let’s turn that student accommodation of yours into a genius-hub!


Create a cosy learning corner in your student room


Your environment is EVERYTHING! Let’s amp up your student accommodation into a cosy, vibey study nook. ????️ Find that spot that screams (or rather, whispers) focus and motivation. Ensure it's all snug with good lighting, all your study essentials and maybe a little succulent buddy to keep you company in your student dormitory. Making a dedicated zone for hitting the books actually tells your brain, “Hey, it’s genius o’clock!” every time you settle in.


Create a study schedule in your student accommodation


Remember: Consistency is not just a skincare mantra, but a study one too! Plotting out a structured, yet super chill, study schedule lets you juggle all those topics without dropping any. Within your student accommodation, get yourself a cute planner or exploit those techy apps to monitor your daily academic adventures. And sprinkle in those precious break times to shake out the brain cobwebs!


Use the white-boards at your student accommodation


Collective wisdom? That’s where the magic happens!  With technology, and white-boards at your fingertips in your student accommodation, why not orchestrate a study group? Create a powerhouse of ideas without even stepping outside Dean’s student dormitory. It’s like a knowledge party, and everyone’s invited!


Memory Magic Tricks


Who said studying can’t be fun, even in a student accommodation? Let's sprinkle some magic onto those memory skills with tricks like mnemonics, flashcards, and interactive quizzes! Turn each chapter into a fun game or challenge within your student accommodation. Imagine: converting your student room into a game board where each section is a different topic - adventure and learning? Yes, please!


Grab some snacks within your student accommodation


Your brain’s a muscle, and it demands some serious fuel. So, stack up on those healthy snacks and energizing sips right there in your student accommodation kitchen, or buy some snacks from our in-house supermarket. Befriend fruits, nuts, and refreshing drinks to keep that concentration solid. Oh, and hydration – it’s the secret sauce to keep those brain gears smoothly running!


Sweet Dreams at your student accommodation


What do you need more than a comfy bed in your student room after a full day of study? You get it here at Dean’s Home Budapest.  No compromise here! A well-rested brain is like an unstoppable idea machine. Ensure you’re snagging those 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, especially in the exam lead-up. Turn your student accommodation into a tranquil sleep haven with dark curtains, calming scents, and a cozy bed. Let those dreams weave into some epic exam results!

Academia? It’s a jungle out there, but Dean’s student accommodation? That’s your fortress, your secret lab, where exam-success potions are brewed! With a dash of organization, a sprinkle of fun, and a hearty helping of self-care, you’re not just passing exams; you’re absolutely slaying them!

Turn these tips into action and watch how your student accommodation morphs into a serene, wisdom-spouting sanctuary. So, grab that wand (err…pen!) and let’s enchant those exam papers with some top-tier answers!

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