Spooktacular Nights Await at Dean's Student Accommodation


Hey Ghosts and Ghouls of Dean’s student accommodation! 


Creep it real, because we’re about to dive into a spooky spectacle that’s going to lift your spirits at Dean’s Home Budapest! Welcome to the mystical, magical, and downright Spooktacular nights that envelope Dean’s student accommodation when October casts its eerie glow upon us. Buckle up your witch hats, as we’re set to bewitch you with spellbinding tales and events from the most hauntedly fun place to live!


Creepy Halloween atmosphere at Dean’s student dormitory


Imagine - the wind howls through the corridors, the autumn leaves rustle beneath your feet, and there, in the heart of Dean’s student accommodation, supernatural fun is brewing. Here is your chance to turn your beloved international student dormitory room into a ghoulish paradise.


Pumpkin Painting in Your Student Accommodation


Casting spells and crafting potions? All in a day’s work at Dean's. Our student accommodation becomes a playground for every warlock, witch, and magical creature. Engage in pumpkin painting contests, ghost storytelling sessions, and spine-chilling adventures that weave through every nook and cranny of your supernatural student home.


Join us on the 18th of October for a Pumpkin Painting soirée that aims to blend the spooky charm of Halloween with the jovial spirit of artistic expression!


From 5pm to 8pm, our spacious and welcoming common area will transform into a hive of creativity where residents will be handed their canvas - a perfect, orange pumpkin. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone who just loves to dabble in colors, this event is crafted for every skill level! Envision ghastly ghosts, captivating cats, or perhaps a non-traditional splash of abstract art on your pumpkin - the canvas is yours to command!


Amidst the delicate scent of autumn and the gentle strokes of brushes against the pumpkins, this event isn’t just about crafting the most bewitching decoration. It’s a splendid opportunity to mingle with your fellow international residents from our student accommodation, share tales of autumn traditions, or perhaps conjure plans for Halloween night together!


Don’t forget to snap photos of your creations and share them on your socials! Use the hashtag #PumpkinPaintingAtDeans to showcase your marvelous work and to peek at what your fellow residents have conjured up on their pumpkins!


Unveiling The Haunting Tales of Dean’s student accommodation


Legend has it that when the clock strikes midnight, peculiar, playful spirits frolic around Dean’s student accommodation, creating a world where the supernatural and reality eerily blend. Residents have whispered tales of friendly apparitions appearing during Spooktacular nights, becoming ephemeral roommates that vanish with the first light of November.


Capture Ghostly Memories of Dean’s student accommodation


Snapshot moments from the otherworldly realm that envelops Dean’s student accommodation during these spectral nights. Pose with your phantom pals and seize these deathless memories. But don’t forget to tag us on your spooky photos!


Dear goblins and ghouls, as the cauldron of Spooktacular Nights simmers down and the mystical aura gradually fades, the memories of spine-tingling laughter, spectral adventures, and eerie festivities linger in the heart of every dweller in our student accommodation.


Experience the ghostly giggles and phantom frolics at Dean’s Student Accommodation...if you dare. 

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