Student Accommodation for Semmelweis, ELTE, METU, and Corvinus Students


Selecting the right student accommodation is pivotal for students at Semmelweis, ELTE, METU and Corvinus universities. Dean's Home Budapest offers an exceptional blend of comfort and convenience, making it a top choice for student accommodation in Budapest. We now delve into the various aspects that make Dean's the ideal student accommodation, focusing on its proximity to universities, public transport and vibrant student life.

Are you tired of constantly searching for a quiet and comfortable place to study? At Dean's Home Budapest, we provide a conducive environment for students to focus and excel in their studies. That's why our student accommodation is not just limited to providing rooms, but also includes a range of on-site amenities to enhance your study experience. From a game zone and rooftop terrace to a gym, study rooms, and an in-house supermarket, we have everything you need to make the most out of your study time. Keep reading to learn more about our amazing on-site amenities!

Student Accommodation close to universities


Are you a student at Semmelweis, ELTE, METU, or Corvinus University in Budapest and looking for a modern student accommodation close to universities? At Dean's Home Budapest, we know being close to your university campus is one of the most important things. Our student accommodation is strategically located near these prestigious institutions, ensuring you have a convenient commute and more time for studying. As an international student, you'll feel right at home in our vibrant community of fellow students from around the world. Immerse yourself in a diverse cultural environment, where you can make lifelong friendships and expand your global network. With our proximity to the universities and welcoming community, Dean's Home Budapest is the perfect choice for your international student accommodation.


The Vibrant International Community in our student dormitory


As an international student, your experience goes beyond just the classroom so the vibrant international community in our student dormitory is definitely something you will love. At Dean's Home Budapest, we offer more than just a place to stay - we provide a vibrant international community where you can thrive. Our student accommodation is designed to bring students from all over the world together, creating a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters cultural exchange and lifelong friendships. Imagine exploring new cultures, sharing stories and traditions, and expanding your global network, all within the comfort of your home away from home. With Dean's Home Budapest, you'll not only have a place to study, but also a community that will support and inspire you throughout your academic journey. Join us and discover the beauty of international student accommodation at its finest!


Student accommodation with a game zone and rooftop terrace


Have you ever dreamed of a student accommodation with a game zone and rooftop terrace? Engaging with fellow students and making new friends is an essential part of the international student accommodation experience at Dean's Home Budapest. Our vibrant community offers a variety of spaces where you can connect and bond with like-minded individuals. Get ready for some friendly competition and fun in our game zone, where you can challenge your peers to a game of pool or table tennis. Or, head up to our rooftop terrace, where you can relax and socialize while enjoying breathtaking views of the city. These areas provide the perfect backdrop for building lifelong friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime. At Dean's Home Budapest, we believe that a strong community is the key to a fulfilling and enriching student life. Join us and be a part of our dynamic international student accommodation experience.


Student dormitory with 24/7 Gym Access


Student dormitory with 24/7 gym access? Say less! At Dean's Home Budapest, we've got you covered with our on-site gym. Our fully-equipped gym offers a wide range of exercise equipment to suit your fitness needs. Whether you prefer cardio exercises, weightlifting, or group fitness classes, you'll find everything you need to enhance your health and fitness routine. Stay motivated and energized as you work towards your fitness goals in a convenient and accessible location. Plus, working out with fellow students creates a sense of camaraderie and can be a great way to make new friends. Take advantage of our gym access and prioritize your well-being during your stay at Dean's Home Budapest.


Student accommodation with study rooms


What can be better than a student accommodation with study rooms where you can prepare for your exams with your friends? We at Dean’s Home Budapest understand that focusing on your studies is essential to your academic success, which is why we provide comfortable and well-equipped study areas. Our study rooms are designed to create a conducive environment, allowing you to concentrate and optimize your study time. With ample desk space, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a quiet atmosphere, you can delve into your coursework without any distractions. Whether you prefer studying alone or collaborating with classmates, our study rooms cater to your needs. Make the most out of your study time at Dean's Home Budapest and excel in your academics.


In-House Supermarket and Close Amenities at our student dormitory


When it comes to convenience, Dean's Home Budapest has you covered with its in-house supermarket and close amenities at our student accommodation. We do not only offer a range of on-site amenities but also provide easy access to essential amenities right at your doorstep. Need to stock up on groceries? No problem! Our in-house supermarket makes it convenient for you to grab all the essentials without having to venture far from your home. And with close amenities such as shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby, you'll never have to worry about finding what you need. At Dean's Home Budapest, we understand the importance of convenience in your daily life as a student. We strive to make your stay as hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on what really matters - your studies and enjoying your time in Budapest.


Private and shared student rooms at our student accommodation


Dean’s Home Budapest has everything you wish for: private and shared student rooms are available to suit your needs! Don't fret, because at Dean's Home Budapest, we offer a wide range of room options to accommodate every student's preferences. Whether you're looking for a cozy single room for some peace and quiet, a spacious shared room to bond with a roommate, or even a luxurious private studio for a more independent living experience, we've got you covered. Our rooms are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, featuring modern furnishings, ample storage space, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Choose the room that suits your lifestyle and make Dean's Home Budapest your home away from home.

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