Frequently asked questions

A few easy steps required to get your new apartment at the Dean's:

  • Visit our website and check the prices and avilable room types
  • Fill in the Inquire form available at our website and pay the desposit in order to to secure your reservation.
  • Only filling in the form doesn't result in any contractual obligation or formal reservation, just a tool to get in touch.
  • If you have any question or having problems with the reservation process please do not hesitate to reach out us and we’ll contact you ASAP with information about availability and prices and guide you through contracting.

  • Get in touch with us via email and we will contact you about the available possibilities and prices ASAP.
  • Please note, that in case you’d like to rent a Student Room your stay should last at least a month.

During the application process on the inquiry form you have the opportunity to write a note and inform us if you have any specific request about the floor, the view or your roommate.

Please note, that we always try to take your wish into account but the requests are subject to availability.

On a first come first served basis it is possible. If you book late, then your room might be sold already.

Our contracted periods are the following:

  • 09.01-01.31. (Fall semester)
  • 02.01-06.30. (Spring semester)
  • 07.01.-08.27. (Summer period)

We always notify you by e-mail at least one month before each period about the extension options and process. Please note, that we prioritize our students who already live there.

  • If you’d miss the prolongation period, please don’t worry, as subject to availability we can offer you another room type.

This is the usage and service fee for your room set up which guarantees that your room is ready for you to move in when you arrive after the long travel. Please note, that this service fee is not refundable.

  • Make an appointment with the Reception for the room check at least one week before you’d check out and leave the Dean’s (room check times are available on weekdays from 8 am until 4 pm).
  • You’ll have to return your room in the same state as it was when you occupied it (cleaned and emptied).
  • In case you’d not have the time to clean out your room because of those pesky exams we will do it for you for a surcharge. If you’d like to have this option please let us know at least 1 week before your check-out.

  • In the case of any damages the deposit acts as a security guarantee.
  • It guarantees your reservation.

  • Residents who leave at the end of the semester shall empty their rooms. Please note that we cannot provide storage service. 
  • Residents who leave for summer but have a prolongation for the Fall Semester and certainly have no other opportunity to empty their room completely, please contact us via e-mail.

  • Simply fill out the Additional data form with your correct banking details when you’re making your reservation. It is a must, in order to ensure the process is fast and uncomplicated.
  • In case you have added the wrong details and the transfer would come back than the new transfer’s fee would be paid by you.
  • After your contract with us has come to an end and you hand over your apartment within 45 days, you will receive your security deposit minus any outstanding rental or damage fee.

Of course you can. Our reception in open 24/7 so you can check in anytime after 3pm after your contracted period has started.

  • If you already know when you’ll arrive, please let us know by sending us an e-mail so we can welcome you in style.
  • In case you’d have any Visa related issue that would delay your arrival please send us an e-mail and let us know your approximate time of arrival.

  • Fill out the check-in form when occupy your new room and mark everything with the actual state. This way you won’t be charged for the damages which were made by the previous resident.
  • If you have regular maintenance issues please scan the QR code on which can be found in your room (around the or on the door) and we will help you

You can conveniently pay within the first few days of every month by on your online profile via card (Visa, Master Card and Maestro, Apple Pay (only from mobile device), Diners Club, Discover).

Please contact us immediately per email.

No bicycle is allowed in the rooms, but we have bicycle racks on property grounds. Please register your bicycle with the reception team and they will give you a sticker to put on the bicycle, so we know it is yours.

Yes, you can bring your computer, laptop, TV, stereo or rice cooker, water cooker. The room already includes a fridge, cooking stove, microwave with grill. Any other item will need the approval of the resident manager.

No open fire items, gas burners are allowed.

You can not bring or ask for one. We have strong and High speed wifi available in the whole building.

All rooms have AC from 2020 fall.

No pets are allowed in the rooms or in the building.

As your contract is a fixed term contract you are not able to cancel it after you have accepted your contract terms by paying the deposit or signing your prolongation contract. According to the Terms and Conditions if you terminate your contract before your contracted period ends the Security Deposit is not refundable.

Generally, we have tailored the apartment to you, or more specifically, one individual. If you would like to share your bed occasionally, just inform the Reception via Email. However, in the case of guests who regularly stay overnight, this is unfortunately not allowed.

According to House Rules 5 nights/ semester are free but any additonal night has to be payed after your guest. In this case please get in touch with our Reservation Team so we can make an offer for you.

In case you’d like your friend or family member to be in a separate room please send us an e-mail to and we’ll send you an offer with a 30% Friends and Family of our current prices. Please note, that the Friends and family discount can be used again.

No issue if you bring people over but nobody is allowed in your room after 10PM till 10AM who is not registered at the reception. People can stay longer at the common areas on the rooftop. No outsiders can be at these locations between midnight and 8AM.

Yes, due to fire life safety regulations after 10PM we can conduct checks if all persons in the rooms are registered. As the operator we are responsible for all people’s safety in the building.

No, your key is meant for you and should not be used by anybody else but you and it is punishable by a fine.

Please note, that replacing the key is fined as well.

Our concept: all-in service fee, that includes following services:

  • Apartment equipped with the items specified in the mandatory service fee / room
  • An own / shared kitchen
  • An own / shared bathroom
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Internet
  • Hot and cold water, sewerage
  • Lighting
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Individual ventilation in each room
  • A safe in the room
  • Hairdryer at the reception
  • Use of gym
  • 24-hour security service
  • Possibility to use a phone at the reception
  • Pool, table soccer
  • Use of study rooms
  • Use of Roof terrace
  • Use of Party room with kitchen
  • In-House Management
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Hoover and mop at the reception

Yes, we have the following cleaning options available:

  • Monthly (1x a month): Free
  • Biweekly (2x a month): + 51 EUR/ month
  • Weekly (4x a month): + 81 EUR/ month
  • 2x a week (8x a month): 150 EUR/ month

If you’d like to arrive a few days earlier, please visit our website and book a guest room using the promocode STUDENTSPECBAR which will gave you 30 % off of our current guest room prices.

Subject to availability, we will place you in your contracted room to avoid any room move.